Collaboration Organization

This page presents the overall organization of the LSST Informatics and Statistics Science Collaboration (ISSC) and lists all current roles and responsibilities.

ISSC Leadership Team

The ISSC is led by two co-Chairs and a Core Team who are responsible for managing all scientific and organizational aspects of the Collaboration. The ISSC co-Chairs also act as points of contact for Rubin Community partners (Project, Data Management, other Science Collaborations, LSST Discovery Alliance, etc.), and serve as public spokespeople for the Collaboration.

The ISSC co-Chairs can be contacted at:

ISSC co-Chairs:

ISSC chairs emerita: Tom Loredo (2015-2023), Chad Schafer (2015-2022), Kirk Borne (2009-2015).

ISSC Core Team:

External Liaisons and Representatives

ISSC representatives in external committees:

ISSC liaisons: